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Multimedia Mainboard


MM-AK88 Mainboard

Product Features

  • Integrated VGA/HDMI OUT and other display functions, with the maximum support of 3840x2160 4 k decoding.
  • Rich extension interface. 3 USB ports (1 pin, 2 standard USB ports),2 extension serial port, 1 I2C port.
  • Support Android system customization, provide system call interface API reference code, perfect Support client application development.
  • Perfect support for infrared, capacitive touch and other mainstream touch screens, support the free - drive touch screen HID configuration, no debugging.

MM-AK88 motherboard, entertainment is so simple

MM-AK88 is a good music to launch a karaoke special motherboard.

The motherboard uses the RockChip rk 3,288 processor as the core, and integrates the rich storage and audio and video output interface. Super performance make the multimedia application easy to implement.

Multimedia MM-AK88 KTV Mainboard

MM-AK88 motherboard applications.

It is suitable for KTV, bar, family KTV, friends gathering, practicing singing and dancing, program performance and other happy places

Multimedia MM-AK88 KTV Mainboard

Main Hardware Indexes

Model MM-AK88
Size 160*76mm
OS Android 5.1
CPU RK3288,Qual core Cortex-A17,frequency up to 1.8 GHz
RAM 1GB/2GB (optional)
ROM EMMC 8GB/16GB/32GB(optional)
Network Ethernet、Wifi、Bluetooth4.0
Serial 2× RS232
Wireless WIFI,BT4.2
Ethernet Support 10M/100M Ethernet
External storage  Support 32 GB TF card
HDMI HDMI2.0,support 1080P@120Hz,4kx2k@60Hz
VGA Support ,up to 1920*1080
Audio Left and right channel、SPDIF
Video decoder Up to 3840*2160
Video format Support wmv、avi、flv、rm、rmvb、mpeg 、ts、mp4 and so on
Image format Support BMP、JPEG、PNG、GIF and so on
RTC Support
Alarm Support
Watchdog Support
IR Support
System upgrade Support TF,USB,OTA


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